We are often unaware of the magnitude clutter can hold on our lives. We can’t sleep but are unsure why. We can’t relax but desperately want to. Our children can’t find their toys and are frustrated. We are creatively blocked and don’t know how to break free from the rut. The weight we hold in our minds can be caused by our external surroundings. And this weight is heavy and can hinder our entire lives.

I’m Erika, a professional organizer serving clients locally in Tallahassee and virtually worldwide. I started my organizing business to help others deal with those exact situations listed above. To help with the burdens and blocks. To help get to the root cause of the clutter or disorganization. To see what things have a hold on our lives and why. To overcome these obstacles. Maybe it’s something simple or maybe there’s a deeper reason. But if we don’t identify and address it, then we can’t move forward and create the homes and lives we desire.

I’m a lover of all things tidy and I believe an organized space equals a decluttered mind. My passions are in helping, connecting, and encouraging others.

In the previous article, “The Gift of Clarity,” Felicia expressed how we met and the transformational power organization has had on her life. Felicia can now go into her office and produce. She’s so much more clearheaded. Her creative juices are flowing. Her writer’s block has vanished. I taught Felicia to identify just how and why her space was unorganized all while introducing her to a new way of thinking. Organizational systems are now in place and will prevent the disorganization pattern. For her, she was given the gift of clarity. And I was honored to be able to come alongside her and help her achieve her goals.

Organizing is so much bigger than cleaning a space. It’s therapy wrapped into a service paired with practicality. By organizing your home, you’re making new space in your house and creating freedom in your mind.

I pride myself in my approach. It can be overwhelming, not knowing where to start or what to do first. That’s why sometimes a little help can go a long way. People are often nervous but there is no mess too big and there is never any judgment involved. I am kind but I will push you to get things done. The road to organization can be a journey and it’s truly extremely rewarding to me to be able to help people on their paths.

I can work on your space alone or you can choose to tackle it with me. I can personally shop for your space and haul off any items you want to donate or throw (but trust me, I won’t make you get rid of anything you don’t want to).

Do you feel stuck? Are you waiting for a sign to do something for yourself? Maybe you’ve been waiting for a final push to get some of your things in order. This is it. Don’t wait any longer. Go into the holiday season and the new year with a new feeling. A lighter spirit. Conquer chaos and move into calm.

Give yourself a gift this season. The gift of peace, calm, Zen. The gift you’ve been yearning for. The gift of a better creative flow, happier kiddos, or simply a cleaner space. The gift that keeps on giving. You deserve it. It’s yours for the taking. You just have to take that next step and commit. Let’s move into action. Together. Now. Let’s conquer tough choices and battle decision fatigue together. Let’s scale the mountains you’ve been facing and figure out practical organizational systems that will work for you and that will stick.

Decide on one space to start with and contact me for a quote and let’s set a date. We’ll make it official and you can hold firm to the feeling you’re wanting to achieve, envision it, and know that it’s on its way to you. Women’s Words readers can now enjoy a discount by booking before the end of 2022. Let’s start with one area and move into others and you will feel a lightness and space that can then magnify the season’s beauty rather than add to the stress.

So, will you do it? Will you give yourself a gift? Say yes and let’s begin.

Or maybe your life is perfectly in order, in which case, that’s wonderful (and I applaud and envy you!). But you probably know someone struggling who could use this type of help. Give them this gift. Gift cards fit any size and are always at the top of wish lists.

Along with being a Professional Organizer, Erika Bell is also a published author. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two kids and doing as much traveling as possible. To learn more about her organizing business, Organize With E, visit organizewithe.com or simply shoot Erika a text at 850-748-6746.