Women Wednesdays Education Forum (WWEF)

The Women Wednesdays community is home to a wide array of talented women with valuable skills and expertise to share with those eager to learn and grow. 

The Women Wednesdays’ Education Forum (WWEF) provides a venue for our experienced members to serve as WWEF Instructors,  offering valuable education and expertise, virtually and/or in-person through our platform.

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Women Wednesdays Summer School

Women Wednesdays is collaborating with an array of its talented and professionally skilled membership to provide ongoing educational opportunities throughout the summer months to further advance technology and business education for our community.  WW Summer School will  include near-weekly virtual classes, as well as in-person clinics on the 4th Wednesday of the month at Domi Station (Jun-Aug).

WW Summer School Fees

Our low fees for Women Wednesdays Summer School not only provide high value / low cost learning to our community, but also helps build funds for the ongoing and important work of Women Wednesdays.

Thank you for your participation and support.


$15 / Class
$180 / Full Summer School Series
20% Discount for Women Wednesdays Members = $144 / Full Summer School Series or $12 / Class

Coming Soon

While our current course offering is Women Wednesdays Summer School, Women Wednesdays will soon be offering more expansive educational opportunities year-round, both for Instructors and those wanting to learn, virtually and in-person. Whether it is technology, business, non-profits, writing, life skills, beauty, wellness, financial literacy, fundraising, and so much more, use your creativity to share and learn from fellow women. Sign Up to become an Early Adopter of our new WWEF platform for special perks and discounts!