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What is Google Drive ForwHERd?

Google Drive ForwHERd, Learn & Share (GDF) is a Women Wednesdays and community partner campaign to increase opportunity for the women of TLH, Leon County and our region by vastly expanding the awareness of, proficiency and collaborative use of Gmail and Google Drive tools, to include Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and more. The GDF program is designed to teach area women Google Drive, who then teach other women, who then go on to teach others. This exponential approach allows for wide ranging shared knowledge of this important technology and its benefits to improve opportunity for otHERs.

About Google Drive

Simply by setting up a free Gmail account, users have free use of Google Drive. Google Drive provides both free cloud storage and tech tools such as Docs (similar to Microsoft Word), Sheets (similar to Excel), Slides (similar to Microsoft PowerPoint) and much more. Google Drive’s free cloud storage (your files are stored on remote servers) allows users to access their files from ANY computer or smartphone, have free access to powerful tech tools, as well as perform real time collaboration of their documents with others.

Increasing Accessibility

Because Google Drive is free and easily accessible, it removes some of the financial barriers for use of these important tech tools. Those without their own personal computers, smartphones, or who lack digital access, can still maintain their Gmail and Google Drive account on public or borrowed devices or where internet is available. Likewise, users can purchase more affordable Chromebooks or similar, or save money by not purchasing costly software for their existing devices. This expands game-changing accessibility and opportunity to both those with financial limitations or who simply want to benefit from increased technology proficiency and engagement with otHERs.

The PowHER of Collaboration

Paramount to the benefits of the Google Drive suite of tools is the ability to collaborate with otHERs, in real-time or as best suits them, allowing shared access as they deem appropriate.

Justine Spells

Google Drive ForwHERd Co-Leader

Program Roles

Become a GDF ShareHER

If you are proficient with Google Drive (you don’t have to be an expert) we’ll connect you with women wanting to learn. Simply give a basic introduction, then guide them as they learn.

Become a GDF LearnHER

Ready to learn Google Drive? Great. We’ll connect you with a woman who will teach you the basics and help guide your ongoing learning. Then you’ll be able to become a ShareHER yourself, and teach and empower others!

Become a GDF Partner

Does your organization want to help promote the program, take on a community project, or hold group training sessions? We are excited to partner with you! Get engaged with our ever expanding community of women who can’t wait to see each other succeed.

Become a GDF Sponsor

We can’t wait to highlight your financial or in-kind support of this powHERful programming for the women of our community. Select from our options to highlight your support to our ever expanding community.

Join our WW GDF Team

Yes! This powerful program could benefit from your involvement. Join the WW GDF Team by contacting Barbara Wescott at hello@womenwednesdays.com.