IntHERnships can be a win-win for both the provider and the recipient. Many women-led businesses or nonprofits face real challenges in securing funding or investment. IntHERnships can not only provide much needed support for women-led ventures but likewise offer interns an incredible venue for learning, on-the-job experience, and increased opportunities.

Women of all ages can benefit from IntHERnships! While many equate internships with students, women of all ages can contribute as well as benefit.  The most successful companies are those that are diverse in age, gender, race, and outlook.

Mature Woman Interns

Women of maturity have a wealth of experience and wisdom to offer a startup or early stage enterprise. With kids grown and/or first careers behind them, they may have more time and an interest in new endeavors.

Middle Age Woman Interns

Many women in the age group are masters at juggling multiple demands and seek an opportunity to utilize and keep their skills current.

Students & Recent Grad Interns

These resume builders have fresh expertise and the latest technology knowhow to supercharge a business or effort.