Sponsorship Opportunities

100 events, support and educational programming / year

When Women Thrive, Communities Prosper!

Women Wednesdays features thousands of area women participating in over 100 online and in-person events throughout the year, and we hope to showcase your organization’s support of our mission.

At Women Wednesdays we are on a mission to make Tallahassee a #1City4Women through collaborative engagement. Our year-round, weekly programming is designed to highlight the incredible work, knowledge and skills of the women of our community. Collaboration breeds success, and we provide opportunities for women to connect, learn and thrive. And we want your organization to be a part of our journey. 

We are a beautifully diverse community of women entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, leaders, and believers. We are for-profit, non-profit, innovating in our workspace, running for office, growing towards a new beginning, or at the ready to support women on a mission. With our growing numbers and unity, along with your support, there isn’t anything we can’t do.

If you believe in the collaborative power of women, join our mission, support our programming, let us highlight your involvement, and let’s change the world with Tallahassee leading the way. #1City4WomenTally.

Business is Blooming celebrates and showcases our area Women-Owned, Women-Run, and Women-Valued business with signage, decals, and community awareness and appreciation campaign. And we want you to be a part of it!

Spring is in the air and an excitement to get back to business is blooming. Leading the way is women. Women are not only the fastest growing group of business owners and leaders, but they are also a powerful economic driver that makes more than 80% of all consumer purchasing decisions. As a community blessed with a beautifully diverse bouquet of women committed to making Tallahassee a #1City4Women, we see and celebrate their impact in creating a fertile business landscape where everyone grows and thrives.

Please join us in highlighting the economic impact of women by becoming a sponsor.

Yard Sign

Window Sticker

Women Owned: The Business or Organization is more than 50% Women Owned

Women Run: The Business or Organization is managed by 50% or greater of Women

Women Valued: The business recognizes and values the local purchasing power of Women

Add your sponsorship logo and support to our signage – to be placed at home-based and brick and mortar businesses across Tallahassee: Yard Sign, Social Media Promotion, Website, and Newsletter: $500

Sponsorship Levels

$1000 / Year Partnership Level

  • Social Media Event CoHost
  • Website Sponsorship Page (Written Name)
  • In Person Leaflets or Business Card Display 
  • In Person Signage

$1,500 / Year Partnership Level

  • Social Media Event CoHost
  • Website Home (Sm Logo)

  • Website Sponsorship Page (Sm Logo)
  • In Person Signage

  • In Person Leaflets or Business Card Display

$2500 / Year Partnership Level

  • Social Media Event Headers

  • Social Media Event CoHost (Med Logo)

  • Email Newsletter (Med Logo)

  • Email Invites for Programs (Med Logo)

  • Website Home (Med Logo)

  • Website Calendar (Med Logo)

  • Website Programs (Med Logo)

  • Website Sponsorship Page (Med Logo)

  • In Person Signage

  • In Person Leaflets or Business Card Display

$5000 / Year Partnership Level

  • Speakers Series / LIVE – Video (Lg Logo)

  • Facebook Page Header (Lg Logo)

  • Facebook Group Header (Lg Logo)

  • Social Media Event Headers (Lg Logo)

  • Social Media Event CoHost (Lg Logo)

  • Email Newsletter (Lg Logo)

  • Email Invites for Programs (Lg Logo)

  • Website Home (Lg Logo)

  • Website Calendar (Lg Logo)

  • Website Programs (Lg Logo)

  • Website Sponsorship Page (Lg Logo)

  • In Person Recognition

  • In Person Verbal Announcements

  • In Person Signage

  • In Person Leaflets or Business Card Display


Ala Carte Weekly Event Sponsorship

Standard $125

Prime $250

(special events / speakers)

Request Custom Event $500

(select available date, speaker, panel, topic)