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To Our Tallahassee Community,

Women Wednesdays is a weekly speakers, educational, networking and coworking initiative to insure programming and foster a collaborative network for the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs and leaders – women. 

Women Wednesdays was started by area women in 2016 as a grassroots effort to provide engagement and programming for area women at our community incubator, Domi Station. It has continued to grow and evolve to where WW2020 is on target to hold a total of 100 events. Roughly 40-100+ women attend our weekly programming featuring speakers, coworking, education and networking, with several thousands more viewing our emails, digital content and social media outreach. Awareness, interest and value of Women Wednesdays programming continues to expand. See our WW2019 Speaders Series Video and on Facebook.

As exciting as the progress of the program has been, there is still so much more that we can do. And we want you to be a part of it. Women still face challenges and biases that can impact opportunties for success. But with your financial support, we can build a more impactful program commensurate with the true potential of the amazing women of our community. We have a vision for making it happen while retaining the best of our grassroots effort, using the unique strengths of WOmanpower to get it done!

Please become a Sponsor of Women Wednesdays by choosing your level of support, and join us in making Tallahassee #1City4WomenTally


Barbara Wescott, Founder & CEO

  • Women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs, with women of color leading the way. The average age of a women entrepreneur is 40.
  • While women founded companies are more capital efficient and profitable, they receive less funding. Very few VC’s or Angel Investors are women.
  • It’s much harder for women entrepreneurs to find mentors and collegial support. Collaborative programming is key to building women business networks.
  • As women-owned businesses continue to crop up and flourish, so too will our community. 

Event Sponsorship

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$500 Partnership Level

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$2,500 Partnership Level

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  • Event Speaking Privileges (By Request)
  • Top / Lg Logo Event Social Media Post
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  • Event Signage Display
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  • Top / Lg Logo Newsletter (Bi-Weekly) 25
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Sponsorship Payments made by check payable to: Women Wednesdays, Domi Station, 914 Railroad Ave, Tallahassee, FL, 32310 or digitally at DonorBox.com/WW.