The Rosier family’s mission is simple: to create a substantial business derived from passion for the youth in their community and to provide growth opportunities for their mentees. Living that mission, this family has coordinated many scholarships for low-income students, provided volunteer opportunities, and helped student athletes make the connections they need to achieve their athletic passions.

The Rosier Family includes four student athletes, most having received full college athletic scholarships. Three of the children have graduated college and the fourth is currently a sophomore at University of South Alabama, playing basketball.

The Rosiers recognize that the athletic scholarship opportunities available to their own children can also pave the way for friends and other student athletes in this community to achieve their dreams as well.

As advocates for student athletes, the Rosiers have served as a liaison between the student athletes and the large network of athletics. They put the students in the right places at the right times and used their connections to provide the students with the guidance needed to be successful in their chosen athletic field.

Although three of the four Rosier children have graduated college already, the legacy to support student athletes in Tallahassee is ongoing. Their next step is Southwood Sweets, an ice cream shop the family has opened in the heart of Southwood’s Town Center in Tallahassee, Florida.

Now, you’re probably wondering, how does mentoring student athletes relate to an ice cream shop?

Well, Southwood Sweets is more than just ice cream! It’s a safe and fun place for student athletes to work, study, laugh, socialize, and network in their community. Southwood Sweets plans to bring jobs, small business partnerships and, of course, delicious sweet treats! Some of the student athletes the Rosiers have mentored and supported to acquire college scholarships will return to spend their summer working at Southwood Sweets.

The Southwood community has waited long enough for more food options in the Town Center Plaza. Southwood Sweets is the first of its kind in the Plaza; it will offer 18 flavors with gluten-free, sugar-free, and other vegan options. If you have an even sweeter tooth, Southwood Sweets offers other goodies such as customizable candy bags, cupcakes, and much more!

Since the shop caters to make students feel safe and enjoy where they work, Southwood Sweets will be an Instagrammable shop. The trendy sweet & savory ice cream shop will be blogger- and influencer-certified with a kaleidoscopic look.

There are plenty of options for all ages—youth, teens, adults, anyone in the mood for something sweet. Even more exciting, Southwood Sweets plans to host events and allow business owners to rent meeting spaces.

The family is so excited to share this news with you because of the symbol Southwood Sweets will create for this area and, overall, for this city. Tallahassee friends, we invite you to come eat, celebrate, laugh, take photos, and enjoy the new experience with our family, that is, Southwood Sweets!

Southwood Sweets is located at 3197 Merchants Row Blvd., Suite 130, Tallahassee, Florida. Follow @southwoodsweets on Instagram and Facebook or visit their website at www.southwoodsweets.com. Special thanks to Shaqueria Howard of 5 STAH MEDIA for introducing us to the Rosiers and to Southwood Sweets.