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Free Virtual Tech Support for Common Tech Tools:

WW Tech Squad is here to help women gain access to and grow in proficiency in the use of common tech tools and practices. Believing that these tools and knowledge are a game changer in the advancement and success of women in both their personal and professional lives, our volunteers are available to provide limited free tech support along with informative materials. Additional programming and resources will be available soon.

Whether you are a Women Wednesdays’ member or from our community, a beginner or intermediate, with a question regarding computer hardware, software, internet connectivity, email, social media, the web, Google Drive & Hangout, Zoom or any other tech tools, we will do our best to help you.

Simply submit your question below. After providing your request, you will be contacted by volunteers as they are available. 

Special thanks to Tech Squad Team Leaders Jackie Karr Brown of Initial Social Media and Bianca Belabre of A Creative Station for leading this important programing.

Volunteer for Tech Squad – Share Your Technical Expertise!

To become a Tech Squad Volunteer, email hello@womenwednesdays.com

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L.Michelle Salvant

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