Women Wednesdays FSU

Florida State University

About Us

Women Wednesdays at FSU is a social mentorship organization that helps women with life during college and the transition after graduation by promoting campus resources. Founded in 2018, Women Wednesdays has been striving to aid and provide mentorship for women of all majors and backgrounds while they navigate through their experience at Florida State University. 

Our goals are to partner with both on and off-campus organizations, provide education about access to campus resources, and to grow the organization as well as other female organizations. Women Wednesdays partners with other female organizations on campus to encourage members to attend one another’s events and meetings. Through education, Women Wednesdays holds bi-weekly meetings with guest speakers to inform members on ways to stay healthy and on budget in college. For growth, Women Wednesdays strives to increase membership as well as increase the visibility of campus resources through showcasing them on the social media accounts.

Women Wednesdays at FSU supports and facilitates the annual Women in Leadership Conference at FSU. Women Wednesdays also partners with local professional women to ‘foster collaboration and support for female entrepreneurs and leaders through weekly programming events.

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Meet The Team

Emily Logan


Crystal Alcalde

Vice President

Maria V. Rodriguez

Secretary & Editor

Amisha Mirchandani

Recruitment Chair

Brianna Winders

Social Media Chair

Anna Rivera


Hannah Xie

Student Outreach Coordinator