I am a Mask Maker
I need a Face Mask 

We make no guarantees on the efficacy of the mask or validation of the maker. Use this resource at own risk and full due diligence.

Mask Makers is a free community resource to connect local Mask Makers with those seeking community-made face masks. Masks currently come in two categories: Community Masks & Essential Masks.

Community Masks: Standard home-made cotton or flannel mask for the general public made by community Mask Makers from their own materials. Available for sale or for free.

Essential Masks: 3D printed filtered mask for essential personnel and workers made from kits with specific designs and materials. Seeking volunteer makers to construct masks from provided kits, as well as contact info for essential personnel needing Essential Masks. 

Important: Do your own due diligence on the efficacy of DIY homemade masks. You can research the limitations of these masks as well as the innovative ways people are making them–and more.  Use this resource at your own risk.

For more information email Barbara Wescott at barbara@swellcoin.com.