Young Women Wednesdays

For Girls Who Innovate

Young women are on a mission!

Whether creating a grassroots initiative, community effort, business or nonprofit, their innovative activities help empower them and their peers, as well as their families and community. And the more they connect and collaborate with fellow innovators, greater opportunities abound.

What is Young Women Wednesdays?

Young Women Wednesdays is a program through Women Wednesdays, a platform connecting women to work collaboratively to help each other succeed in the pursuit of their ambitions. With a belief that  greater visibility, shared knowledge and intentional collaboration breeds success, our ongoing programming helps participants learn, grow, team-build and more ably further their efforts by working togetHER.

Learn about The Girl Flo a program started by one of the Young Women Wednesday members Amaya J. Waymon

Young women may join individually, or through a school sponsored club.

Join as an Individual Student Innovator

Start a Young Women Wednesdays Chapter at Your High School