A woman’s words, vocal expressions, written articulation, and utterances carry weight and the ability to build up or tear down. Her words, your words, my words, our words, there’s power in a woman’s words. There is the power to impair, destroy, discourage, and shame; to shatter, disrupt, withhold, and confuse. Power to restore, redeem, instill, and esteem; to create, increase, direct, and influence. A woman’s words, conversation, and exchange carry weight and the ability to enhance or dismantle.

In the womb is where we hear the words of the very first woman in our world, the words of a woman that carries the most weight with the ability to strengthen or deplete. She is our mother. Based on her experiences, she may decide upon nurturing, affectionate, caring, and tender words. Depending on her encounters, she may choose negligent, cold, cruel, and disheartening words; we listen, and those foundational words start to shape our minds, our core, and form our worlds.

During the establishing of our subsequent female relationships and friendships: our sisters, cousins, aunts, grandmothers, and peers, the words spoken to us, over us, and by us are like walls being added to the foundation of our mother’s words. These words shape our view of the outside world around us. As we age, we move into various arenas and new spheres of educational, cultural, spiritual, and social influences that teach us what the world looks like based on their life experiences. Some are great examples; others are poor examples, but all their words carry weight and the ability to elevate or incinerate. We intentionally or unintentionally adopt those same views and attitudes, which can be doors added to the foundation of the words we first listened to, our mothers’ words.

As we construct our lives, structure our families, our careers, our present, and our futures, we are influenced and influence; we are led, and we lead; our words carry weight, and we carry the weight of another’s words. We voice our opinions, give, and receive praise and criticism, which is then filtered through the lens of past experiences, whether they were positive or negative, traumatic, or blissful. Upon recognition of the power of her voice, a wise woman aims to stay keenly aware of the positive and negative impact of her words, your words, my words, our words, the power of a woman’s words. Guard and keep them with all diligence. After all, our words carry weight and the ability to build up or tear down.