Samantha Vance is a certified Youth & Leadership Coach, long-standing juvenile advocate, author, motivational speaker, and consultant to nonprofits and small businesses. She’s the Founder & Executive Director of Ladies Learning to Lead, a Florida statewide nonprofit organization preparing young ladies for college, careers, and life. Samantha also serves as the Founder & CEO of impact Core Group, a tech company that connects clients and consultants.

21 Days of Healing is a journal created by women & girls to help other women & girls heal. It includes a collection of “healing stories”, and inspirational quotes by Samantha Vance.

Excerpt from ‘The Author’s Healing Story – Life After Death’

The trauma of losing my grandmother, my marital challenges, and isolation led to one of the worst emotional times in my life. For over a year, I thought of Grandma every day. Often, I would drop to my knees and start crying out of nowhere; I was feeling weak and powerless, and at times, hopeless. While we all deal with life’s challenges, how we respond is key. Several Bible verses carried me through this  time, but one of the most profound was, “And we know that all things work together for the good to them  that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28.  

Today, I am happy, healed, and whole. I still think of my Grandmother, but not with sadness – with gladness that I was blessed to be the caregiver for an angel. When I think of her, I smile. And much of my strength comes from the precious times we shared and values she planted in me.  

My journey with my grandmother and other challenging times in my life, taught me about the devastating impact that trauma can have on our lives – especially unrecognized and untreated trauma. Traumatic events are believed to have the greatest effect on long-term health, so it is best to deal with trauma head-on or it will have a damaging impact on your life.  

The things that helped me get through that tragic time were my faith and positive outlook, the support of family and friends, ongoing counseling, and journaling. When I couldn’t speak, cry, or even move,  journaling brought healing and solace. Someone once said that pain is never permanent, and journaling allows you to keep a record of your journey and capture important milestones throughout the healing process.  

As you read this journal, I hope you experience triumph, and watch every tragedy fade. I pray that you will one day look back through this journal and realize the value it had on your life through your healing journey. My mantra and motivational message to you is to rise above setbacks, rise above challenges, rise above trauma, so you can rise like the Phoenix.

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