Founder of Beautiful Healing LLC celebrates a woman’s worth through her boutique life coaching and consulting business. She is the final speaker in the Women Wednesday’s Spring Speaker Series. Read the introduction to her new book below.

Beautiful Healing, Vol.1

Seven Love Letters for the Truth Seeker’s Soul

2020 Amazon Best Seller

Written by Lee Felicia Dilbert

 This book is for every girl who yearned to be invited to the party and included in the circle. The girl who wished she had someone to talk to; a positive listening ear; someone kind, loving, and real. Not quite an aunt; not quite a cousin. Someone like… a sister. 

 Well, sis, sit back and take a deep breath. Get super comfy. Prepare to read seven letters written just for you. For nearly two years, the Lord used my mind, heart, and hands to cultivate the content that now makes up this book. Get ready, girl. I’ve got a feeling you are going to love this!

 I want you to think back to a time when you were relatively young—let’s say, between the ages of eight and ten. Can you remember what your personality was like? How did you see the world? What did you think when you noticed your face in the mirror? Did you smile? Well, my sister, there’s one thing for sure: I know you were and still are beautiful. As the days went by and you grew older, did you experience changes that affected how you viewed yourself? My love, this book will mean many different things to you in many different ways. However, my prayer is that YOU receive the unshakable truth that YOU are valuable. That YOUR soul is beautiful. That YOU are loved. As I use my voice to tell my story, allow me to serve as an example of what it looks like to believe in yourself. I didn’t get here overnight. Healing occurs over life.

 If you have experienced abuse, manipulation, or any other heartbreaking situation, please allow these words to serve as the sincerest apology you never received. I, too, have been hurt. Deeply. I also once remained quiet when I knew the answers. Intimidation and fear have a way of silencing you, doesn’t it? But you know what, sis?  I still managed to write this book. I didn’t do it on my own, though. Sis, as you turn the pages, I pray that you fall in love with the custom-made message that the good Lord curated just for YOU to receive. 

 Let me ask you something. Do you agree that we, women, have a lot in common? Regardless of our skin color, hair texture, hobbies, choices, or financial realities, we are more alike than different. Can I get an amen? We have aspirations and experiences; we all desire to be loved. Every single one of us is valuable and deserves to be respected. Does every woman know this, though?

 So, what’s your current reality? Are you in a season of joy or pain? Perhaps, you are the picture of success to your friends; however, deep inside, you feel that something is just missing. Maybe you aren’t 100% sure of your unique purpose. Or, perhaps, you are a loving mother, yet you feel invisible to the ones who matter most. Does fibromyalgia have you down? Are you carrying specks of bitterness from childhood? Do you yearn to show up for yourself in your life but don’t exactly know how? My love, may these words greet you warmly and ignite a fresh hope within you.

 We may not have officially met just yet. However, it’s safe to say that we both are trying to figure out how to navigate life. Well, I have good news! Girl, we don’t have to think too hard about it. In the Bible, Psalm 119:105 states, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” That means that directions are available, sis. Help is here! Let me tell you about a friend who changed my life. Growing up in South Georgia, I heard a lot about Him. Mama talked to Him a lot. I was afraid at first because I didn’t understand. One day, I learned more about His word and why I couldn’t see Him. I was still confused. As I matured, everything became much clearer to me. I learned that Jesus was my Heavenly Father and that He created me for a distinct purpose. I found out I was an original! And despite all the unforeseen twists and turns of life, there would be a great purpose for each one of them. One day, I understood that the Lord’s infinite, sovereign wisdom was right all along. Throughout this book, I share my love for my Heavenly Father and His word. I’m looking forward to hearing about how His love impacts your heart. 

From my heart to your hands, I present to you, Beautiful Healing, Volume 1: Seven Love Letters for the Truth Seeker’s Soul.

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