Growing up and throughout my adult life, having artistic and creative ways have been both a blessing and a curse. I have known two things in my heart and spirit: I was meant to inspire through a creative outlet, and I was meant to inspire through mentoring based on my life’s journey. I have also been told things that were counterintuitive to what my spirit guided me to. These types of things were that I need to get my head out of the clouds, that I should focus on one thing, I have been in the service industry on and off for 20 years and have absolutely loved it, regardless of the stigma that people placed on “just being a server.”

Being able to do something besides sitting at a desk has always appealed to me, and even when I was not doing that, I was in the fitness industry. Always something that was inspiring, of service, or with action involved. After working at Kool Beanz here in Tallahassee for five years, where I moved up to Front of House manager and helped run the Private Events room, my passion for creating beautiful events for people was born. I learned so much from this rewarding position from the business owner, Keith Baxter, that I will forever be indebted to for his leadership and wisdom.

When the Pandemic came around, my life changed in more ways than one. I went back to college at thirty-seven years old to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship. At this point, I did some life evaluation and realized that it was time for me to live my life with no regrets and to follow the path my heart truly desired. I made one of the most challenging choices of my life and resigned from a job I adored, and I shot for the stars. I registered my business, Inspired Events, by K. Michelle in March of 2021. My initial plan was to do party planning.

During the first few weeks, I started painting glassware. It was an interesting twist. I had not considered that I would add an artistic flair to my business but would use my twenty years in the industry to plan and serve parties on my own time while finishing school. I started seeing glimmers of something developing. At the same time, I taught myself to seal and cure my glassware.

Now I had a product that was something of value that you can use and drink from time and time again, without losing the beauty of the design. Years from now, when asked what the turning point for my business was, it will be picking up the phone after seeing an internet flyer about a local networking event called Working Class Wednesday. I was nervous about attending and did not know if my products would even fit in at the event, but I called Terrance Barber, the entrepreneur behind the event, and he told me to come to the event and set up. I made connections that have been more valuable than I can give credit for from that one event. You never know what taking the leap of faith will do.

My advice is that if you see something and your intuition pushes you that way, then go for it. I plan to launch an Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program for Women from tough and humble backgrounds. I will acquire my own space for paint parties and mentoring that coincides with my graduation with my bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship around the end of 2022 or early 2023. I recently became the program coordinator for the Women Wednesday’s CoWALKing group. I invite everyone to attend a CoWALK and consider beginning their own through the Women Wednesday’s website. 

Currently, I am booking in-home and mobile Inspired Paint Parties, selling glassware and baskets, attending the Southwood Sunday Street market, and looking into booking appointments to have to paint your own glass appointments at that market. My Inspired Paint Parties consist of a highly personalized experience based on my customer’s wants. I pre-design a glass for the attendees to drink from. I instruct the attendees in the painting of a piece of glassware that I have a pre-painted template on and much more.

There are several options for these parties. You can start by shooting me an email at inspiredeventsbyk@gmail.com and if you have any questions or an event coming up, let’s talk about the selection of services I offer that could potentially serve you well. Visit my Facebook business page, Inspired Events by K. Michelle, and my Instagram page @kara_inspires. Additionally, you can call me or text me at 850-533-2013. I look forward to inspiring our community in more ways than one.