For those new to the name, 5 STAH MEDIA LLC (five s-t-a-h media) is a trendy multimedia company named after my full initials (S.T.A.H.). As the founder and CEO, I have proudly been working in Public Relations for over six years with companies like Midori Star Media Group, The Lip Bar, Slip N Slide Records, GoodGirlPR, etc. With that experience, I’ve been able to build a trustworthy company for potential and current clients.

Starting my own public relations company was always my dream goal. After graduating from FAMU in 2017 with my Bachelor of Science in Public Relations (PR), I put my dream on pause; I thought my full-time positions were the only way I could pay the bills. PR was my side hustle. All the accolades, certificates, and awards I’d received in college felt lost after time. Moreover, I thought I had to give up on my dream when I found out I was pregnant.

Almost every publicist I had ever worked with told me it’s impossible to have free time when you are servicing your clients because they are your full-time job. However, with the support of my friends and family, I was able to get motivated and find my way! I got tired of waiting for “the perfect time” to start my business, and I had to stop making excuses. I found power in my “long” and “hard to pronounce” name/initials, and on November 16, 2020, 5 STAH MEDIA LLC was born.

My business is special to me because it has been a dream I assumed would be halted when my path in life wasn’t going the way I expected. I started 5 STAH MEDIA LLC during the COVID-19 pandemic while also raising a one-year-old daughter, and my decision to turn this dream into an operating business is paying off!

I am finally experiencing what it feels like to love what you do, despite the challenges I face. It is my passion to provide resources for new businessowners and to help entrepreneurs feel a sense of completion with their goals. Also, I want to be an example that anything is possible for even young, Black, degreed, moms, entrepreneurs — like me!

I am one of the most fun, outgoing, down-to-earth people to share your ideas with (so I’ve been told). I enjoy what I do, and I get the most joy in seeing my clients win.

The overall plan is to build 5 STAH MEDIA LLC into a Fortune 500 company and provide job opportunities for people in this industry who tend to be overlooked. In addition, I want to make it possible for students to apply for a meaningful internship program that projects them into higher positions or begin businesses for themselves.

I am a living testimony that when you realize you are skilled at what you do, the sky’s the limit. All you have to do is believe in yourself. Your gift will feel natural to you, and outstanding to others. Keep shining, ALL STAHS!

Shaqueria TeyCora Amanda Howard (S.T.A.H.) is the founder and CEO of 5 STAH MEDIA LLC, a remote boutique branding and public relations agency. She graduated with honors (magna cum laude) from Florida A&M University with her B.S. in Public Relations. Shaqueria is well known for her bubbly/outgoing personality, her willingness to help others, and her dedication to serving her community.