At Women Wednesdays we are eager to promote women as the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs, and that through the power of collaboration, Tallahassee will soon be known as #1City4WomenTally.

And we have good reason to think so. Tallahassee is blessed with a growing entrepreneurial ecosystem and a plethora of talented women on a mission destined for individual or collaborative impact.

Case in point, our own Chrissy Souders with Kitschy Wearable Art, who recently partnered with one of Tallahassee’s fastest growing companies, DivvyUp.

DivvyUp is a local Domi Station/FSU-JMI startup that is blazing a trail in customized products with personalized images, particularly of pets and people, on socks (divvyupsocks.com) and other products (thatsmybuddy.com). But they are also a company committed to social good. In fact, it was during a collaborative community Masks for Tally effort with DivvyUp, City of TLH, Women Wednesdays and Kitschy, to supply then-scarce face masks to the community, that DivvyUp became even more acquainted with Kitchy’s artistic innovations.

Likely many have seen Chrissy Souders using her broadcast journalism skills to support the increased need for local live streaming across Tallahassee during the pandemic. But she is also an innovative entrepreneur and founder of Kitschy Wearable Art.

Kitschy Wearable Art accessorizes custom art and images into jewelry. Utilizing a technique Chrissy meticulously perfected, Kitschy can minimize and encapsulate custom art and images in jewelry with her lightweight and highly durable resin blend, individually or in bulk. A visit to www.kitschywearableart.com showcases a growing collaboration with artists near and far, helping them expand how their art can be enjoyed and shared more widely.

True to Divvy’s commitment to quality products, they were impressed by Chrissy’s product and process, and embarked on a partnership to utilize Kitschy’s technology to expand their own product line into jewelry. The collaboration helps DivvyUp hit the ground running with their new product, while introducing Kitschy Wearable Art to DivvyUp’s expansive base of customers. Paramount to both parties was to keep the integrity of each company’s mission, while supporting the continued growth of Tallahassee’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, jobs and local manufacturing sector.

“We’re extremely excited to partner with Chrissy and Kitschy Wearable Art to launch our new photo-jewelry collection. Thanks to this collaboration, you’ll now be able to feature your favorite faces and photographs in a variety of jewelry pieces. It’s been amazing working with a great local business to create a new and unique product that will be shared around the country, perhaps the world!” says Mitch Nelson with DivvyUp.

Collaborations like this are an example of the strength of Tallahassee, a city where we know we are stronger together. And with women making over 80% of purchasing decisions, an ecosystem that embraces and collaborates with women entrepreneurs will be more in tune with the marketplace. DivvyUp and Kitschy Wearable Art are a shining example. And that bodes well for our #1City4WomenTally.

Chrissy shares, “I couldn’t imagine a better company to partner with for Kitschy Wearable Art. From our vintage suitcases in local shops, to our own space at Railroad Square Art District to our location at The Hampton Inn & Suites, we appreciate all of our supporters throughout the years. It means so much to us that we live in a community who really lifts up small businesses and entrepreneurs.”

Written By: Barbara Wescott, Founder of WomenWednesdays.com